Like a photo booth, but with music instead

Our DJ boxes are 1 meter high, the playing area is about 50x50cm. Up to 4 players can DJ at once, until new players join the table. You don’t need any musical talent, it always sounds professionally and awesome. At your event we switch between more than 15 music styles, from hip hop, rock, latino to house, techno, funk and many others.

Putting a block on the surface of the DJ box triggers a sample. There are 4 block categories: drum, bass, melody and vocal. You can pick a block from each category and mix your song. Switch the blocks constantly and you’ll feel like David Guetta!

There are ten blocks for each category. Depending on where you the blocks on the surface, there are certain effects like echo, high-pass and low-pass filter etc. Now if you use those techniques and effects, you better be ready for some selfie requests with the DJ of the night – you!

Unique – worldwide

Let your colleagues and customers have a lot of fun with this unique interaction tool. With this innovation you sure get attention and target your potential customers and employees in the right way.

At the event and online

People hang out at your booth, interact with your brand and learn about your services. Enthused DJs film their performance, share the content on social media and strengthen the message you want to get across – your company stands for innovation and uniqueness.

DJ track instead of a photo

A photo booth is nice, but so 2000. Give the DJs the chance to remember you by handing them out their own track – either through online channels or on a USB stick right at the event.

Besides the DJ box we bring a speaker system to get the crowd pumped at your event.

If you prefer a silent disco, at least at some point of the event, we also have a set of 20 wireless headphones ready.

We make sure you have qualified and experienced staff at the DJ box. They take care of setting up the DJ box, hosting the night and they guarantee people have a great time with this amazing tool. All we need from you is a power outlet!