Every block triggers a sample. There are 40 blocks and 4 categories: drum, vocal, melody and bass. Without any musical talent your mix will sound like made by a pro!

Choose between more than 15 music styles and mix your song – and simply turn into a DJ!

The DJ box in your corporate branding

Your company will shine if you book your customized corporate branding for the DJ box! Add a personal edge visually and acoustically to make it your DJ box!

One tool, many uses cases

Internal corporate parties, team buildings, workshops. External brand positioning and marketing at promotion events, trade fairs and conferences. This unique tool is the icing on your event cake!

People at your event will looooove this unique entertainment tool!

Drop us a message for a quote to have this amazing DJ box at your corporate event! If you have any questions that you would like to discuss on the phone, you reach us at +49 151 65775585!

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We’re based in Berlin and right at the border triangle France/Germany/Luxembourg. However, we travel Europe to make any event in any country amazing and spectacular with our innovative DJ box.