• Discuss ideas, sign contract

We talk about your ideas and how our DJ box can put the icing on your event cake. We let you discuss everything with your team and finally agree on working together at your event. Also we talk about your desired design of the DJ box and, if you like, present some drafts how the box could look like for your big day.

  • DJ box in your corporate branding

We show you our drafts for your banding of the DJ box. You have designers in your team that know the ropes? Great, they can do that as well if they like. As soon as you’re happy with the result, we contact our qualified partners to have our design produced.

  • Production of branded elements

We put everything together and send you pictures of the final result even before the event. We’re ready to rock your day!

  • Game Day: set-up, hosting, cheerio

A member of our staff will be at your event 90 minutes before you want the crowd start to DJ. They set up everything and answer some questions you might still have. During the event our team member acts as a host, encourages the crowd (although rarely necessary!), explains the system and asks with which music style they want to go nuts. At some point – it’s going to be hard – our time at your event is over. We pack everything up and hope to see you at your next event!